A small retaining wall

A few posts back, we highlighted a series of small retaining walls around an AC unit and faucet. Well, here we are again. On the backside of this home, the grade was just so that a small retaining wall was needed. Not much, just a small wall 4 blocks tall and a capstone that tapered back to grade, eventually giving way to a natural stone edge.

In some instances, landscape beds can be shaped to reduce the need of a retaining wall. Maybe within the bed, a few boulders can be placed or some plantings that would help retain grade or prevent mulch from having a chance to wash out. While this is the case sometimes, other times a small retaining wall is best or maybe even preferred.

It's hard to put a price tag on a persons preferences. We're not here to do that. But, helping folks understand a budget figure for small retaining walls is important. After all, we want customers to feel confident in their purchases and plans to perform landscape work before they reach out to schedule onsite landscape production work.

So, what's a small retaining wall costs? A wall like this would likely be in the $1500-2500 range and require 1-2 days of work depending on the site. Often though... a wall isn't all that's needed.

Sloped areas generally dictate the necessity of a small retaining wall. Sloped areas also bring about drainage challenges. And, for some, a retaining wall is the floodgate holding back a beautiful landscape bed or creating a fitting space for a series of plantings.

So, while a small retaining wall could be one to two thousand dollars, an accompanying landscape bed or plantings might bump a project up closer to four or five thousand bucks.

We hope this helps you understand the price point of certain projects. While it isn't a one size or one price fits all, it might be a step in the right direction to help a budget get squared away for your next home improvement endeavor.

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