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Aphids and other Insects

While heat and moisture can impact the overall appearance of your plantings, another troublesome aspect of plant health could be Aphids or other insects. It's hard to fault these critters as they are just after a meal! Still, you've spent money and time creating a beautiful space around your home and the thought of losing plants or trees to bugs is just frustrating. We get it and our professional landscape staff can help.

Twin Creeks Landscape Group offers a host of landscape services. We do design work, installation, and construction, and even offer services to walk alongside you and your property monthly to take care of the details of your landscape. The latter, landscape maintenance services, are one of the ways that we are able to monitor and provide feedback specific to your plants, trees, or lawn.

With so much of the needs of your lawn or landscape being tied up to the cyclical nature of weather or seasonal patterns, knowing what to do and when to do it is can be challenging. However, we know these patterns and the early signs of stress that may be indicating something more challenging ahead. When we have feet on the ground and eyes on your property on a regular basis, we are able to spot and address potential threats to the health of your plants. Just like the photo above!

Aphids had begun to feed on these sedums. Rather than plants being ruined or lost to insects, Devin, or a wonderful landscape maintenance specialist, was able to perform a quick insecticide spray to make sure these plants didn't get devoured. The cost to do so was negligible as we were already on site performing routine maintenance services. Had we had to make a special trip out to spray for insects, a trip charge would have been needed.

This hands-on approach is much more relational. After everything we've gone through as a community during 2020, it's nice to feel appreciated and get to provide a little extra care while doing so.

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