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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

We are giving away a Pit Boss Grill and you have a chance to enter to win. Here are the details...

As you may know, over the winter we re-branded the business from Winkler’s Lawn Care to Twin Creeks Landscape Group.  We put lots of energy into re-branding and timed the re-brand with the uptick of the seasonal work. Then, the "Rona" showed up.  While this certainly put a different perspective of what is important, our team pushed ahead amidst the uncertainty and continued serving our customers to the best of our ability.  Even with the unfortunate time, the re-branding transition has gone well and we are grateful for you adjusting along with us. 

However, there is one thing we can use your help with.  Upon changing our name Google was unable to transfer our reviews.  That’s where this giveaway comes in. (Don't Like Reading? Click here for a cheesy video about the give-a-way) Most folks have found themselves with a little extra time or working a little more on the internet. So, we want to capitalize on this.  

Any former or current customer can enter to win the Pit Boss grill, a splended pellet grill/smoker, fully assembled and delivered to your door with a few bags of seasoned pellets to boot. How? By simply going and submitting a review on Google.  From those submissions/names, we will draw a winner in Mid June and deliver your grill just in time for you to use it for the Fourth of July.  

One hiccup is due to Covid-19 Google is unable to post reviews publicly.  But, we still receive the reviews and we will be screen shotting them and sharing them via social media. Once the pandemic slows down they will be posted publicly.  And it will not affect your ability to win.  

So use the link below and give an honest review of Twin Creeks Landscape Group and we thank you for choosing us as your Landscape and Lawn Care professionals. 


We appreciate your help in getting the word out about your experience(s) of the Twin Creeks Landscape Group.


Twin Creeks Landscape Group

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