Business in front, party in back

The phrase above is commonly used to describe the hair style of days best forgotten- The Mullet. Ironically, it seems to be the case too when it comes to landscaping. Folks want to keep the front simple, basic, easy to maintain... but in back, well that is a whole new story.

If you were going to invest money into your home, where would it be? Maybe the master bath or kitchen... but more likely since your browsing a landscape site, it would be an outdoor kitchen or patio.

While 2020 has brought a long list of inconveniences, home improvement projects like landscape additions, decks and outdoor pool areas have been booming business.

I recently talked with Gale Cantu of Platte County Planning and Zoning department while pulling a permit for a project. She affirmed these trends stating that permits are going out 3 to 6 times more frequently.

If you want a back yard that rocks, like the mullet of the 80s and 90s, let's make that party happen! We can take care of the business up front and create a party space tailored to your property.

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