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Caring for people. Caring for landscapes.

Who would have thought we would be entering the busiest time of the landscape season only to find out that the brakes need to be pumped as the world slows down and comes together in light of the global pandemic, covid-19? We didn't. Things certainly have a new perspective. What was falsely important before has given way to what is truly important. This hits us at our core and reminds us of the simplicity of the Twin Creeks Landscape Group mission: Caring for people. Caring for landscapes.

While this week has brought a slew of new challenges, many I never thought I would face as a business owner, hope remains. We put together this video to share some of the impacts the landscape industry is feeling. We talk through some of the specifics that our team, The Twin Creeks Landscape Group, has done to help manage and mitigate the disruption that has come and is likely to linger. Things are changing quickly. I suspect at some time in the future I or others may look back on this post and laugh. Hopefully, we're all still around and healthy to do so.

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