Downspouts and Decorative River Rock

There are so many ways to blend landscape materials and textures. When it comes to downspouts, a fun way to mitigate water is by placing larger 2-4" or 4-6" cobbles immediately off the downspout. Some of the results are practicle, some are economical.

What do we mean by this?

In the photo above, the homeowner opted to have a splash area created off of the downspout to control water flow during heavier rains. This area allowed us to introduce a decorative river rock. By doing so, we broke up the monotony of what was one long continuous mulch bed. The brighter colors of the decorative rock contracted spectacularly with the stone of the home, dark mulch, and larger boulder off to the left.

When it comes to budget, this decorative river rock bed was much less in labor than trying to dig and punch under the sidewalk to bury a downspout extension and pop up cap.

In terms of that boulder, a couple hundred dollars can go a long way in adding some impressive mass and stone to accent a landscape bed.

In the long haul, we're excited to see the shrubbery develop out and further accent the colors of the decorative river rock, natural stone edging, home and boulder placed around the entrance of the home.

Do you have a downspout area that would benefit from decorative river rock? Or, maybe you need to run a new or re-install an existing downspout? Whatever it may be, there are many ways to manage water while having a landscape that looks clean, crisp, and refreshed!


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