Fall Lawn Care Tips

Getting to mow a lawn this green and healthy is... well, kind of a privilege! Located in the Seven Bridges community, we've been able to offer a host of lawn and landscape services (like the stone steps in the upper left portion of the photo) for this family.

Earlier in the season, there was a stretch of time in which the lawn just seemed brown and stressed. A common contributor to those characteristics is a hard and compacted clay soil composition. We recommended treating the lawn with Gypsum, a soil amendment that helps to soften clay soils. Pairing it together with a lime application and a low dose fertilizer app, the lawn began to rebounded magnificently.

To be honest, there just haven't been many Augusts that I recall lawns looking this well. As we head into fall, the time is perfect to make improvements in and for your lawn.

Fall Lawn Care Tips:

-Core Aerate





All of these and more are timely for this portion of the season. At Twin Creeks Landscape Group, Round 5 of our Turf Management Program is right around the corner. This application includes spot spraying of actively growing broadleaf weeds and offers a healthy dose of fall fertilizer. Watering afterwards is recommended if no rain is in the forecast for a few days. For those of you signed up to receive ongoing applications, we'll service your lawn as it falls within the route unless and make recommendations as we monitor your property. 

While the basic Round 5 application is good, we highly recommend core aerating and overseeding during the fall months. The best defense against weeds is a thick and healthy stand of fescue or bluegrass throughout your lawn. In terms of the seasonality of growing and establishing a healthy lawn, there simply isn't a better time to seed than in the fall! 

If you're interested in those services or any others like soil testing, lime or gypsum application an estimate can easily be sent to your inbox! Just ask and we'll send one over. If you have questions about your lawn or want some advice about trouble areas or best practices for caring for your lawn, we can help with that too. 

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