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Fertilization and Weed Control Company

Weed Free Lawn

Some times there is confusion about what this lawn care term or that landscape phrase means. Fertilization and Weed Control is an example of one of those. At Twin Creeks Landscape Group, we categorize Fertilization and Weed Control services or "lawn applications" under the Turf Management umbrella. It's more than just a fancy way of saying that we're are fertilization and weed control company. It's there, that our Turf Management division and turf specialists oversee various types of services that are targeted at getting your lawn the right nutrients it needs while controlling weeds, insects, and other issues your yard experiences during a given season.

It can be confusing too considering that our Turf Management specialists also perform tree and shrub applications as similar equipment and products are used to do so and licensing is required to perform these types of lawn care / turf applications.

It'd be nice if there was just one term or phrase... but there isn't. There are tons of fertilization and weed control companies out there, each using their own phrases! The Turf Management page offers an in depth overview of what services fertilization and weed control services we offer along with a list of many others. It also mentions pricing and seasonality of various services.

If you've stumbled upon this page as your looking for a local fertilization and weed control company, we're glad you found the Twin Creeks Landscape Group.

Contact us below if your in our service area. We'd love to add your property to our fertilization and weed control routes.

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