Grassy Weeds

Some of the hardest weeds to control are those that are "Grassy." Some may hear the phrase "Grassy Weeds" and think that this just refers to any old weed that is found in a lawn or grass region of a property. While grassy weeds are found mixed in with your turf grass, grassy weeds are a special kind of frustration and differ from desired turf grass.

Most lawns in our area are one of two types of grasses: fescue or bluegrass. While Twin Creeks Turf Specialists generally prefer Fescue varieties of grass, Bluegrass also has some promising qualities. We'll leave the details on these differences for a later post.

Any type of grass growing in a lawn that is undesired, or any unwanted legume/forbes for that matter, could be considered a weed or pest. What makes grassy weeds so challenging is that they are most like the good grass. As a result specialized herbicides are needed that can differential between the good and bad grass. Theses herbicides are called selective herbicides and target only the undesirable grassy weeds as in the case of Nut Grass shown below:

Another Grassy Weed in our area is Johnson Grass. Johnson Grass is a thick bladed, fast growing and invasive grassy weed. If left to seed, Johnson grass can take over an area quickly. As a result Johnson Grass is considered a Noxious Weed and efforts should be made to eradicate when possible.

Due to the nature of Johnson Grass, there is not a selective herbicide available to control it without damaging good and desired turf grass. As a result, special methods like wicking applications using a nonselctived herbicide that targets the leaf blades of the Johnson Grass directly are a means to control an outbreak in a residential stand of grass. If these nonselective herbicides contact the good grass, reseeding or sodding may be necessary to repair the loss.

Timing of herbicide applications is another critical variable to having the most effect at controlling an unwanted weed. At certain stages of life, some weeds become uncontrollable! This is one of the main reasons we strongly encourage folks to partake in Turf Management programs and not just request an application here or there. A good thick lawn takes seasonal commitment year over year and Twin Creeks Turf Specialists can help provide what your lawn needs as it needs it.

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