Introducing the Twin Creeks Landscape Group

Introducing the Twin Creeks Landscape Group

Wait, what? That seems to be the most common response I'm hearing back from people as I begin to share about what our team has been up to over the winter. While this may be the first Twin Creeks blog post and our site is seemingly new... The Twin Creeks Landscape Group has a long history.

That's right. The Twin Creeks Landscape Group (Twin Creeks for short) located in Platte City, Missouri is a re-branding of the company formerly known as Winkler's Lawn Care. Twenty plus years ago Winkler's Lawn Care started something like this...

A 10 year old kid gets a check made to something that isn't his name for mowing a neighbors yard. A bank says you need a fictitious name to cash these checks. The kid agrees to what is written on the check, thus Winkler's Lawn Care is born. Same kid didn't think he'd continue mowing yards for the next 20 some years... Nor did he think a company would form that offered various lawn and landscape services. The kid didn't foresee selling a portion of the business for a period of time and having business partners. However, during that time more services were offered and a solid team began to form. The business grew and the team expanded to upwards of 25 employees. By that time, the kid, well he wasn't really a kid any more. He had grown up to have a family of his own and his own kids. There's an old book he reads that says a good name is worth more than gold and riches. While the name "Winkler's Lawn Care" has been well recognized and has a strong reputation, it just seems to miss the mark a bit when representing what the business has become and who we are. You see, the bulk of services and projects performed now a day are landscape related and completed by an awesome group of people. They deserve the credit, not just some knucklehead with the last name Winkler!

If you've stumbled upon our website because you're looking for a local landscape firm that you can trust, but don't recognize the Twin Creeks Landscape Group name, well rest assured. We're the same group of folks as before and committed to providing the finest lawn and landscape services Kansas City has to offer. We're ready to serve you and your property, just with a new name and some updated uniforms bearing the Twin Creeks Landscape Group logo.

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