Is your lawn needing reseeded?

We like to post and share photos of lawns that look amazing... In reality, there are times of the season's that things just look rough. The photo above shows a lawn that has been hit two fold. First, the summer heat stressed the lawn severely. Secondly, as temps cooled and moisture increased, a Fungus developed that just wrecked this lawn. Without a doubt, this yard needs to be reseeded. If you're on the fence about reseeding your lawn consider the following:

Fall is the BEST TIME to overseed and aerate a lawn. This year is no different. Replenishing even the healthiest of lawns with a new wave of grass seed keeps a lawn looking good year over year.

Why Overseed? Overseeding improves the health of your lawn by:

-Introducing new varieties of seed. More varieties strengthen a lawn and make it more disease resistant

-Repairs damaged. If you have brown spots, it might be fungus. In severe cases without new seed, these areas may not come back.

-Thickens thin turf. Shaded areas, turf along foundations or in areas of wear/tear from trimming need grass. If these areas aren't seeded with grass, weeds will germinate.

-Fescue and Bluegrass have a natural life cycle. As a lawn ages it's ability to produce new blades of grass decreases. New seed is critical to continual hardiness.

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