Landscape Maintenance

We've been builders of some awesome landscape features, but equally enjoyable is being able to oversee landscape maintenance aspects of those projects season after season.

This year, we have had a wave of new and existing clients requesting small landscape projects and hourly maintenance work. For some the work is regrading a low section of yard or running some downspouts off a gutter. For others its topdressing a rock bed that has fabric showing and trimming up some overgrown shrubs. It could even be something as basic as "pulling weeds."

Whatever it is, we figured 2020 may not be the year for folks to go all out on a "dream project." None the less, there are still small things that need or or probably should be done around a property. So, we wanted to be proactive and reach out to see if there might be a little project nagging at you. If it's small, odds are an hourly job might be the fit.

Hourly jobs are generally ran with a 2 person crew and come in around $100 as a minimum for 1 hr onsite. The rate charged is $48/hr per person. This is billed in quarter hour increments for time onsite beyond the first hour. For extensive cleanups there may be a disposal fee of up to $60 for a full trailer load, but generally disposal is minor. If it isn't waived altogether because we like you, then $15 might be charged.

If a property inspection is needed or formal estimate, we can do so and respond with a high/low scenario for time on site. Some folks just tell us what they would like to have done and then say something like, "do whatever you can do for $400 or a couple of hours onsite." I think the latter is a result of having a great customer base who appreciates and trusts us. This sure makes things more enjoyable as the temps are as hot as they are!

If there are any small or big projects up your sleeve, we'd love to hear about them.

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