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Looking for the best landscaper in Platte City?

Some of our customers say Twin Creeks Landscape Group is the best landscaper in Platte City. If you don't believe us, just check our google reviews, neighborhood message groups and other testimonials found around the website(some of these may be referencing Winkler's still as the re-branding is pretty new, but hey... we just changed the name). Now, we wouldn't come right out and say that we think Twin Creeks Landscape Group is the best that would be a little arrogant, but it sure is a compliment when our customers do. What we would say is that the Twin Creeks Landscape Group is one of the premier landscape companies in the Kansas City area.

Being based out of Platte City, we have a much easier ability to service local customers living in and around Platte City. It's easy to transition from one property for a spring landscape maintenance to the next when it is just down the block! Odds are you'll see quite a few turf and landscape signs with the Twin Creeks Logo over the summer.

With so many landscape projects going on in neighborhoods like Seven Bridges, Copper Ridge, Summit Way, Hills of Oakmonte, Lakes of Oakmonte, New Bedford Falls, Timber Park / Timber Park Meadows, and Running Horse it's almost as if these become our second homes during the summer months.

Platte City has grown a ton over last decade. In some of the neighborhoods above, new construction and new landscape installation projects are coming together left and right. We feel pretty fortunate for the local builders and real estate agents like Steve Wegner who have favored the Twin Creeks Landscape Group and have referred us to many of their clients directly.

Now, there is a downside to being one of the best landscape companies in the area... More on that in the next post.

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