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Message to all customers

This message was originally released to our existing customer base on 3/24/2020. This came as the local authorities put together an order to "shelter in place." We thought it best to post in our blog feature as well.


100% of our lawn and landscape service area has now come under a government mandate to "shelter in place." This mandate outlines which personnel and business types are deemed "essential" and the expectations for handling business operations from a health and safety perspective.

With the extreme levels of risk associated with the spread of Coronavirus, our company seeks to comply with the government ordinances. Per the mandate, some "lawn care" and "construction services" are considered "essential" for health and safety of residential and commercial dwellings.

Although some of our services would fall under these "essential service" specifications, others would not. Below the Twin Creeks Landscape Group outlines directly those services that will be carried out by our team and those that will be suspended until further notice:

Ongoing lawn and landscape services:

-Lawn mowing

-Turf applications that target pests and disease

-Construction in which site conditions are unsafe or could perpetuate health and safety hazards

*Additional services may be added if deemed appropriate

Suspended lawn and landscape services:

-New sales meetings, site evaluations, property inspections for new projects not already in progress

-New installation projects of landscaping or hardscaping deemed discretionary

-Spring landscape maintenance and mulch services, unless truly justified as a health or safety need. (Example- tree damage that could create safety risk to person or property)

-Superficial turf applications in which only fertilization is performed

*Additional services may be suspended if deemed appropriate

Whereas, the Twin Creeks Landscape Group seek to continue providing the services above, we understand that some customers have already or will experience hardship during the Covid-19 outbreak and the economical impacts it promotes.

As a result we are strategically working with customers and clients to develop a game plan for their property and continuity of services.

From a financial standpoint, the Twin Creeks Landscape Group is a for profit entity. In order to continue operating our business, paying employees, and providing services for customers the methods we take in providing services customers must be carefully considered. The lawn and landscape services above that are deemed ongoing, will be requiring revised methods of payment as to the historical norm of billing practices.

Landscape maintenance, installation and construction will require deposits. Jobs without deposits will not be scheduled, nor will materials be ordered/held without deposits. For mid to large jobs progress payments will be required. For all jobs final payments will be due immediately upon completion of the job. We will continue to accept written checks, online banking/billpay and online payments for all of these services.

Turf management services will require services to be paid in advance or pre-paid for all new customers. We will extend services to existing customers out of good will, but will require payment immediately upon completion of the job. We will continue to accept written checks, online banking/billpay and online credit card payments for all of these services.  

Lawn maintenance services will be provided weekly as generally required during the growing season. The frequency of service needs to be kept as regular as possible as unkempt lawns require additional time and material to service. These services have historically been billed at the end of each month. We will now be offering services only to those customers who have had a clean payment history in the past OR pay weekly per occurrence OR pay in advance for 1 months worth of services(4 mowings). All new mowing customers will be required to pay for 1 month of services up front before receiving any services. We will not allow payments to be stretched as they have in the past. Our company is not a bank. Any delay in payment will result in ceasing maintenance services of the property. If the property is resumed as a payment is provided, additional charges will be due to cover additional time spent to reclaim the property and bring it back to normal levels of maintenance. We will continue to accept written checks, online banking/billpay and online credit card payments for all of these services.

We will move forward as outlined above. Please respond if you foresee needing to change any of the services that you are currently receiving. We understand if you find yourself in that place. We support your decision to continue or suspend services as you see fit based on your personal conditions. We hope that as things progress, Twin Creeks Landscape Group will continue to be your trusted provider near and long term.

Additionally, we ask for your grace and understanding as some services will be suspended in the short term, but we look for a full recovering and return to regular ongoings of business operations.

Ultimately, the health and safety of your and our family exceeds that of lawns and landscapes. The efforts above seek to promote as healthy and safe of an environment for all parties as reasonable possible.

On a personal note, without a doubt, this is one of the hardest correspondence I have had to put together. Never in all of my studies of business or experiences leading and managing have I come across a guide for a small business to navigate a global pandemic and financial crisis. Instead, there's another book, The Bible, that I draw from for wisdom. My sharing this is not an effort to proselytize, this is me being real, transparent and sincere. I know many of you personally. I have seen your kids grow and leave and others welcome new babies into the world. I know more names of customer's pets that I do of names of celebrities or professional athletes. I have prayed in the driveway with many of you and while working on and around your home I am gifted with the time to do so for you and yours. The thought of not being able to say goodbye and losing some of you too soon is heartbreaking. Many of you have seen me and my family grow. By supporting our family business you have been a blessing to us. I hope and pray that this subsides quickly. I hope and pray it brings the best out of all of us and our neighbors. Until then, we continue in faith and trust that while we cannot control much of what is currently going on there is One who can.

From all of us of the Twin Creeks Landscape Group, know that we care deeply for you in addition to being able to care for your lawn and landscape.

Josh Winkler

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