Message to all customers

This message was originally released to our existing customer base on 3/24/2020. This came as the local authorities put together an order to "shelter in place." We thought it best to post in our blog feature as well.


100% of our lawn and landscape service area has now come under a government mandate to "shelter in place." This mandate outlines which personnel and business types are deemed "essential" and the expectations for handling business operations from a health and safety perspective.

With the extreme levels of risk associated with the spread of Coronavirus, our company seeks to comply with the government ordinances. Per the mandate, some "lawn care" and "construction services" are considered "essential" for health and safety of residential and commercial dwellings.

Although some of our services would fall under these "essential service" specifications, others would not. Below the Twin Creeks Landscape Group outlines directly those services that will be carried out by our team and those that will be suspended until further notice:

Ongoing lawn and landscape services:

-Lawn mowing

-Turf applications that target pests and disease

-Construction in which site conditions are unsafe or could perpetuate health and safety hazards

*Additional services may be added if deemed appropriate