Paver Patios

Not all patio's are built equally. And... from a cost standpoint, a paver patio is typically higher in cost than concrete patio. Often times a paver patio is even higher priced than a stained and stamped concrete patio. Bad news aside for your budget... folks still prefer a paver patio. Why?

Beauty and Elegance.

There is simply an unmatched elegance and beauty that comes with using a paver to construct a well built patio. Part of this is due to the stylings of the pavers themselves. Some of this is due to the options of patterns. In some cases, what sets a paver patio apart are features like soldier courses(boarders) that can be tailored to accent colors or architectural aspects of a home.

The photo above depicts the flow of a natural boulder, decorative river rock, a paver patio and precast stone fire pit. It's not uncommon when Twin Creeks Landscape Group creates an outdoor patio space, that these spaces include:

landscape plantings

landscape beds

seating walls

stone inlays or custom patterns

and... what patio area would be complete without a fire ring or fire pit?

If you're looking to add a beautiful and elegant space for entertaining, consider a paver patio and some of the pairings above. What are you waiting for, request a Landscape Consultation by clicking here!


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