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Plant Replacement

The cooler temperatures fall brings, makes it more enjoyable to be outdoors. It sure does for us! Like all living things, plants have a life cycle. A young showy tree or shrub, may become stagnant. A newly planted perennial may have not ever taken root. Regardless, there are times that some plantings just need refreshed or replaced.

During the late Summer, we looking back over the season and check in with customers and their projects. As we head into fall, most plantings have either beat the heat or been beaten by it. We begin assessing plantings through September with scheduling of replacements following thereafter. Some plantings may not be available until Spring and or aren't recommended to be replaced in the fall. Ornamental grasses, although hardy, simply don't do to well when planted much into October.

If you're a homeowner who is trying to find a reputable landscape contractor, maybe our plant warranty is what sets Twin Creeks Landscape Group? For those of you who are already customers, if you know some of your plantings aren't coming back, let us know. A photo sent by email of the planting would be a huge help in streamlining the inspection/replacement process. Those can be attached and sent back to this email. Otherwise, we will wait to hear from you a build a route for inspections as more come in.

While last year was a huge success and less than 1% of the plants we installed required replacement, we know that there is a chance that a handful will not rebound this season. There is no charge for plant material as replacement material is covered under the warranty period. However, a minimum of $60 is charged for labor and logistics related to plant replacements. If a skid loader or heavy equipment is needed to remove/replace a tree, a minimum of $144 is charged for labor, equipment and logistics.  

We look forward to hearing from you and helping maintain or enhance the beauty of your property.

Our Turf Management Crews still have a few spots open to work in Fall Seed work. If you are interested in Aerating, Overseeding or fertilization services, just let us know.

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