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Spring Landscape Maintenance

Spring Landscape Maintenance by Twin Creeks

As spring approaches one of the easiest ways to freshen up the appearance of your property is with a spring landscape maintenance. As one decade long customer put it, "Wow, a little mulch sure does make a difference."

The actual services performed during a Spring Landscape Maintenance vary from property to property, but in general, the following services are the foundation of a spring landscape maintenance:

-Pruning and cutting back of grasses

-Clearing out debris like leaf build up

-Redefining natural landscape bed edges

-Topdressing mulch regions

-Applying landscape bed pre-emergent

Spring landscape maintenance isn't just about appearance. While a landscape visit sure makes a property pop, there can be health benefits too!

Properly maintaining the growth of ornamental plantings can limit unwanted competition or improve the structure of shrubs or ornamental trees. Clean, debris free beds reduce the threat of fungus or disease.

Regular landscape maintenance also offers a time to identify potential drainage issues that may be occurring near a homes foundation or an existing retaining wall.

All in all, a Spring Landscape Maintenance is a great way to usher in the new year.


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