Stone Edging

Natural stone edging is a long term solution for defining spaces throughout your property. Other edging materials, like vinyl or plastic... or even steel, simply don't hold up as well as natural stone does.

Natural stone comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Most commonly Twin Creeks installs a tan/grey blend or blue/grey blend of stone. Depending on the customer's preference, stone can be set flush with grade or elevated about 4" above grade. In some cases, elevating the stone above grade offers just enough retaining ability to bypass the installation of a small retaining wall.

Along the way, we've learned a few tricks to installing smooth, clean natural stone bed lines. If you're considering refreshing your landscape beds, adding some new beds, or just want to get rid of the old edging around your property... Natural Stone edging might be for you.

If you can send over a few photos and walk the path of your beds, we could likely get a ball park figure for you to help you establish a budge for your landscape project.

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