Summer Insects

It almost seems as though bugs migrate from one neighborhood to the next or bounce around from block to block whichever way the wind blows! There are properties across the service area, that due to the plantings onsite we know have a higher chance of bugs and insects visiting; however, many of our normal customers seemed to catch a break this year! Alternatively, we met several new customers and provided surface insecticide or tree and shrub insecticide applications on a host of new properties for the first time.

Coming off of the dog days of summer, it's likely you'll find yourself or your loved ones spending a little more time outside. Going into fall is a great time to spray surface insecticide over turf areas and lengthen coverage from where spring applications leave off.

In terms of shrubs and ornamental trees, it's not too late to spray if you see bagworms a wiggling or insects a chewing. Knocking down any portion of the population of these nuisance bugs will help manage infestations for future seasons. Too, a bug reduced environment is much more enjoyable!

From your lawn to sky, The Twin Creeks Landscape Group can help you eradicate those unwanted pests.

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