Surface Insecticide Applications

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Most of us have spent 10x the normal amount of time we spend in our yards over the last months and weeks. Lawns and landscapes have become an escape from the "confines" of the home. Tasks like weeding and mowing have become refreshing rather than burdensome.

We want to encourage this, we love seeing people enjoying their time and properties! Even more so if we helped to maintain or create a beautiful outdoor space

I have a 3 year old daughter. She thinks every buzzing insect is a bee. I know that's not true, but to her, even a fly is a threat to the fun and safety she has as she plays in our yard. Her and I have spoke of the benefits that various insects and critters have. But, despite all the possible good that can come from the smaller contributors to our ecological chains, sometimes, they are just down right pests.

It's hard to find a pet that isn't treated with a flea and tick guard? Why not extend similar applications across your lawn?

If you consider insects as pest, we have a solution. Surface insecticide applications are a great way to lessen the frustration, pain or annoyance that can rob a family of beautiful memories waiting to be had in the back of there home. Insecticides act to control or reduce the population of unwanted pests and create spaces that are more enjoyable.

If you would like to see fewer fleas, ticks, spiders, mites, chiggers or other pests in your lawn, sign up for a Surface Insecticide application.

Also, we're approaching the time that Aphids, Bagworms and Beetles start to feed on trees and shrubs. Just as we can help control pests in turf areas, we can do the same for your landscape plantings.

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