The Magic of Twin Creeks Landscape Group

Whats the Magic of Twin Creeks Landscape Group? The best way to answer this is to watch the videos, the Magic Series found on our youtube channel here.

When we started the re-branding process of renaming our company the Twin Creeks Landscape Group, we really didn't know the best way to go about doing it. Then, something magical happened. By sheer luck, we stumbled upon the idea of making videos portraying the Magic of Twin Creeks.

Over the years we've gained favor with our customer base and those not yet customers by bringing joy through humor, wit, and other shenanigans that happen as we're performing landscape and lawn care services.

For instance, there is a series of videos about a stuffed animal we called "Elphaphant." Elphaphant was a play on words of "Elf on the Shelf" or Elphaphant on the Shelf. Any ways, Elphaphant was the epitome of the worst employee. Elphaphant caused pure chaos, frustration, and was just complete nonsense. What does it have to do with landscaping? We're still trying to figure that out. But for some reason, people liked it. In fact, people asked us and requested for the return of Elphaphant when we took a break from those videos. Rest assured, Elphaphant will come back. He'll be bigger and better than before. #Elphaphant

There's examples of re-branding all over the place. Essentially, we are who we are and we embrace it and be true to who we are. Re-branding Winkler's Lawn Care to Twin Creeks Landscape Group process went something like this:

1) Accept it's winter and work may be slower.

2) Think about what can be done during the lull that adds value or makes life easier in and for the business.

3) Clarify that "thing" and gather team support.

4) Pair available time with gifts and skill sets on the team.

5) Set a budget. Kind of. This is for financial, timing, and end goals.

6) Recruit helpers outside of the in-house team, revisit item 5 with outsiders.

7) Go.

8) As you go, identify areas of resistance, flow killers, distractions AND those of ease, flow, and focus.

9) Evaluated those things in item 8, push through, redirect, or run like hell with tenacity when the right path becomes clear.

10) Make Progress and not get weighed down by perfection OR negative feedback.

11) Enjoy it. Don't take things too serious. Seriously.

12) Reflect on it... What went well, what didn't, what could we have done better?

Of course, there are many smaller details to the process. We will likely share those too. We figure, by sharing our story, it might help some other company on the verge of re-branding.

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