The Story behind Twin Creeks Landscape Group

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

The Story behind Twin Creeks Landscape Group

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It's hard to imagine a time before the business that I now call Twin Creeks Landscape Group. Sure, there are a few memories every now and then of being a kid, but the truth is... those are pretty few are far between. Instead, a good bulk of my memories are of working alongside friends during the early years of the business. As a kid it was balancing baseball with yards that needed push mowed and how to cash checks made out to Winkler's Lawn Care rather than my name, Josh Winkler. I can remember in high school skipping class to keep up on lawns while having ambitions to someday return to that very school as a high school math teacher. I remember the neighbor of a customer who came out asking for mowing help while he went on vacation. He happened to oversee commercial property too. His property made the seventh property on that street I serviced and the work he hired me to do commercially paid for my college tuition and then some. While it college, I remember road trips back home with buddies to cut grass after a night out on the campus.

overlay picture of me spraying weeds? or small landscape job

Shortly after marrying my wife, we moved back to Platte City from college. During our first winter back there was a Christmas that her and I spent riding a fourwheeler around clearing snow in the bitter cold. Not able to just sit on the couch during a rain day or the summer lulls, I started to offer more services than just mowing. Fertilization and weed control were an easy odd onto mowing. Thus a Turf Management Division began forming. I remember the yard I was servicing when I got the phone call that my wife was pregnant with our first child, a baby boy. In that same neighborhood grows a tree that she helped me plant while nearly 8 months pregnant. This project was among the first of what projects completed by what would become our landscape division. Soon, other landscape projects came in. Small at first, generally consisting of re-mulching or adding a few plantings. I was beginning to see the requests for landscape work to be a huge opportunity. Somehow I needed to find more people to help perform the work. Even having some help here and then or during the busy season wasn't enough.

As I worked to build a team, natural relationships began to develop. I met guys that enjoyed working hard like I did. In 2010 I got creative. I formed a partnership with two of the guys I had met through a small group from church. Selling a portion of the business that I had been working since a kid to build seemed like a small sacrifice to get good help. Together, the three of us bought out two other small lawn care companies and hired the owners on. For the first time we had a real team. I could now use the phrase "we" and not feel like I was making something up! With a team, we needed a shop. The business had outgrown the three car garage of my personal residence. Too, we needed some more equipment and trucks. Those things followed and were made much easier by an "angel investor." In reality that was compounded as the same folks that invested financially in us, hired us for our first six figure landscape project. Things were good. Part of me wanting to bring on partners was for other reasons. At various times I had wrestled with the notion of ministry. By bringing on others who were financially invested in the business, I thought I might be able to step away from the business and it still continue on without me. This never happened. Instead, both partners went into ministry and I was back at the helm with 100% ownership of the business touting my last name.

By this time we had built a strong team. If a few people transitioned in or out, not much changed. One of the guys whos company we had bought had become my right hand man overseeing the landscape division. This allowed my to oversee more of the big picture stuff as managing mowing and fertilization is really pretty easy. We started to dream again. Having a shop was nice, but there was so much more we wanted to do for the business. We saw how costly it was to rely on vendors every time we needed to load a truck with mulch or basic materials. My wife and I found a own piece of ground just east of Platte City and we bought it. Here we have converted an old horse barn and indoor arena to a rustic themed office space, warehouse, and expansive lot that is a great fit for our business.

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Looking ahead we see so much opportunity. The fact is Platte City and the surrounding areas are continuing to grow. We're commitment to improving our business and making sure it's ready to serve you and as best as possible. After all, it seems like folks have less and less time or just want someone local that they trust to take care of their lawn and landscape. That's us, the Twin Creeks Landscape Group! Sometimes those same people just need maintenance services while others want to add onto an existing landscape. Some of these projects are big, but a lot of them are small. We enjoy taking care of both... after all, the business started 20 years ago with a kid mowing one yard at a time! The difference between now and then isn't just the date. It's the years of knowledge and experience we bring to a project as a team. We have a great team and would love if part of our story includes your story and if that means we do a landscape job for you, all the better!

-Josh Winkler

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