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Water Is Not Always Our Friend

We're heading into the season in which rains begin to reveal weak areas in the foundation of our home or issues in your lawn and may require landscape drainage solutions to help prevent potential damage to your home.

Typically, when homeowners consider completing a landscape drainage project the concept is one that is more out of utility than aesthetics. We understand that, but we also want you to be aware that managing water and drainage of your property can be an opportunity to add beauty, as well as, value.

Rain gardens, Dry Rock Beds, Swales, Rain Barrels, Downspout Extensions, and French drains are common ways to meet the drainage needs of your home.

If you're planning a landscape project that will change the grade of your property or a retaining wall feature that will significantly modify the site, failing to plan for the management of rainfall may sour your project.

If a recent rain has brought to life a drainage issue on your property, or if you're looking to add beauty while managing the flow of water, reach out to our team here at Twin Creeks Landscape Group and we'll help you meet your landscape drainage needs.

Contact us by clicking here.

One of the benefits of having Twin Creeks oversee your lawn mowing or lawn care needs is by having an expert regularly on-site that can evaluate your property and help bring potential concerns, like poor drainage, to your attention. If you haven't already begun receiving lawn care applications or are looking for a weekly lawn mowing service provider, it's not too late to contact Twin Creeks Landscape Group and help you enjoy your spring.

Click the Turf Management or Lawn Maintenance page to learn more about these services.

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