What's that on my tree?

This time of year it isn't uncommon to have a customer ask, "What's that on my tree?" or "I think there is something eating my plantings." One of the downsides to a beautiful landscape is the unavoidable fact fact that to some bugs and critters landscape plantings aren't just pretty, they are a buffet!

Shown above is a bagworm cocoon. These cocoons can house hundreds of eggs that can give way to thousands of caterpillars if left unchecked. While a few of these on a tree isn't that big of a deal several dozens or more is.

For small outbreaks, we recommend manual methods to pluck and dispose. The cocoons can easily be removed, smashed and terminated by hand or thrown into some soapy water to exterminate future populations. For large outbreaks, chemical intervention may be needed. Timing of chemical applications is important. Similarly to weeds, most insects are easier to control in larval or early stages prior to full adulthood.

Twin Creeks Landscape Group offers a slew of insecticide applications to control unwanted pests that are found not only in your lawn, but also your landscape regions. Depending on what type of activity you have and when it is reported may influence what means of response is appropriate. Regardless, most types of insects are relatively easy to control with one or two applications and treating your shrubs and trees will ensure that your plantings thrive for many more seasons to come.

So, if you see activity on your shrubs or trees or know for a fact that you have Bagworms, let us know and we'll be glad to help out.

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