What's your schedule like?

In the previous blog, we alluded to some of the "bad" that comes from being one of the best landscape companies in Platte City and the Kansas City area. While this may seem odd, hang with us for a second and we'll explain.

It never fails... coming into spring the phones start to ring. This is good. It's exciting for the person calling in and our team as we start to receive more and more calls. The bad though, is that some of the calls or email request are from people asking us to do impossible things. What's impossible? Unrealistic timelines that don't match up with our scheduling abilities.

There seems to be a perception from some potential customers that think landscape companies are like Amazon and can deliver a landscape project in 2 days. Plus, if it's spring... we might have just had two days of rain. We're not Amazon and things don't work like that. We'd caution you about working with a landscape company that can work your project in "right away." Even if Twin Creeks crews were just next door taking care of your neighbors landscape, it might be weeks or more before we could circle back to your property.

The truth is, we have to be realistic about scheduling jobs, taking on new work, and who we start the landscape project process with in the first place. Twin Creeks Landscape Group has been in business over 20 years. One thing we've had to learn the hard way is to say, "No." Saying "No" sometimes sounds like, "we wouldn't be available until.... to schedule your landscape project," or "the first step towards your project would be a design/consultation meeting," or "what you're asking for would cost more in the range of..."or "sorry, but unfortunately you are not in our service area." We have a backlog of field and sales work. In fact it wouldn't be possible to stay in business all theses years if we didn't have a backlog of landscape meetings, landscape designs, estimates, and jobs already teed up for our landscape crews to complete.

We get that it stinks to hear the word "no." But, when Twin Creeks says "no" it is better than us making a promise or commitment we can't keep. Again, we're happy to hear from you, but if you are reaching out during the busy season and asking about our schedule or availability to complete a landscape project you have in mind don't be surprised if we say we aren't available or can't right now. However, if you are willing to wait a reasonable amount of time, WE ABSOLUTELY WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!

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