When is a good time to seed

Hands down... one of the best things you can do for your lawn is to seed in the fall.

In the Platte and Clay county area, fall is a good time to seed. In fact, we would say fall is the best time to seed. The ideal seeding window kicks off late August and goes into mid October.

If you want a thick, healthy, and green lawn, then stop what you're doing and seed your lawn! Or hire Twin Creeks to overseed and aerate for you.

Aerating improves the seed to soil contact ratio. The more dirt you have touching the grass seed, the higher the chances are of the seed germination. Paring aerating with seeding just makes sense, especially if you have an established lawn and are looking for a little maintenance.

If you're lawn is not in "the best shape," other services may be needed. Verticutting or slice seeding is a good way to scratch up a thin lawn and increase the soil availability when seeding. This technique resembles what farmers do when planting row crops like corn or beans... but on a much smaller scale with the grass seed.

We wouldn't recommend just poking holes and throwing grass seed. No seed work could be recommended without some starter fertilizer. An all mineral fertilizer will help with top end growth and root growth... the latter of which is sometimes neglected. However, for a lawn to survive drought and other stress deep roots are critical!

We have a little bit of space available yet on our Turf Building route. If you're looking to have your lawn aerated, overseeded or need other services to rebuild your lawn or repair your turf, look no farther. The Turf Management team of the Twin Creeks Landscape Group would be glad to help you improve the quality of your lawn.

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