Where to place a water feature

A water feature might provide the right splash, pun intended, that your landscape needs.

A small stream like water feature filled this space perfectly. While it is easy to get lost in the options of designing a landscape or working to create a feature for a landscape, sometimes piggy-backing off natural grade and medium sized boulders is all it takes to get the flow going. (Ok, two puns in one blog post is too much)

Over the year's there have been countless projects that included the audible qualities of running water. Some of these were boulder bubblers, some of them were custom bubblers like the Kegs that sit outside Granite City. Others were streams with flats and drops to create realistic water falls. Now, that said... when it comes to large ponds, extensive water features, or water feature maintenance needs we lean into our buddies over at Good Earth Water Gardens. Dan Stanza, owner of Good Earth, has a passion for building beautiful water features. Dan has worked alongside our landscape design staff and production crews to provide water features that are simply brilliant.

Whether you need a designed space for your landscape and waterfeature or just want a project turn key, Twin Creeks Landscape Group can help your project "spring to life."

(sorry about the third pun, kinda.)

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