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Irrigation Service Agreement

*Any repairs needed will be marked/flagged and upon approval will be billed above and beyond the quoted rate as outlined below:

Repairs will be billed per occurrence upon request and approval of a provided estimate for both labor and parts. This includes, but is not limited to line breaks, controller malfunctions, valve issues, and/or damage to heads. Repair work is billed at $96.00/hr and billed in 1/4hr increments. A one hour minimum will be charged on all service work requiring estimates and or special trips to property.

A homeowner or authorized person must be present for services to be performed at scheduled date and time if no other arrangements have not been made. Other arrangements may include: release of garage control code or hidden key. We ask that children and/or pets remain indoors or secured while work is being performed on your property for the safety of both parties. It is the customer’s responsibility to check for securement of gates/latches/locks prior to releasing children or pets back into area serviced by Twin Creeks Landscape Group.

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