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Lawn Maintenance

This is how the business started... A kid and a push mower.  The push mower turned into lawn tractors and then low-end zero turns followed by fancier more commercialized equipment. Over 20 years later, that same kid still loves to mow but has a team around to make servicing lawns a breeze. As a team, we understand that if we can't be trusted with something small, like mowing the yard, we might not get a chance to serve customers on the bigger things like an outdoor kitchen area. So, lawn maintenance has remained a staple in the line up of lawn and landscape services we offer. 


We run a tight route for lawn maintenance services and are selective in what properties we take on. The Twin Creeks Landscape Group only offers lawn mowing, trimming, edging, and mechanical sweeping services to customers enrolled in one of our Turf Management programs.  Also, these services are only offered in and immediately around Platte City. As a result, the properties and customers we service receive the finest lawn maintenance experience possible. 

If you are looking for a professional lawn care team committed to keeping up on your lawn maintenance needs all season long, contact  Twin Creeks.

It starts here:

Landscape Design & Consultation


More that pretty stripes...

It's kind of an art. Not everyone has the skill set or ability to transform a regular lawn into a yard of beauty. Some people don't enjoy cutting the grass, we do.   

Trimming, Edging and Mechanical Sweeping:

The details are what really count...

Mowing is just one piece of the pie. What really makes a lawn stand out is the details. So, Routine Lawn Maintenance visits include trimming around structures and keeping a sharp edge along driveways. These steps are followed by mechanical blowing to help sweep and redistribute grass clippings back onto your lawn providing it with nutrients and a clean finish. 

Schedule & Rates:

Custom pricing available...

Generally, visits are weekly during the growing seasons but slow down during the hotter portion of the year. On average most properties receive 28-32 visits per season.


Rates for lawn maintenance services start around $50/visit for most residential properties. An increased rate may be charged for fenced backyards or corner lots as these generally require more trimming, edging or sweeping.


If a property has a fence/gate, the opening must be 56" or wider for our equipment to safely access.  


Lawn Maintenance Service Area

Each service we offer has a specific service area we operate in here at Twin Creeks Landscape Group. 

Below is the service area for our Lawn Maintenance crews. 

If you are in the service area below reach out and let's get your property locked into our lawn mowing routes.

Lawn Maintenance Service Area Twin Creek


"I have seen Josh grow his company from a one-man operation to a thriving business with a very successful, and very talented, landscaping division. I would trust them to do any job and know the work will be top-notch with a price that is fair."

Smithville Resident

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