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Turf Management

Are you looking for a local lawn care company to oversee the Fertilization and Weed Control of your lawn? Twin Creeks is that company! We offer a variety of turf management services to help build strong and healthy lawns.

Take a look at our Annual Turf Program below or ask about supplemental applications that can create a tailored experience for your lawn and and landscape plantings. 

If you're considering Twin Creeks for Lawn Maintenance services, be sure to enroll in a Turf Management Program as mowing services are only offered to turf customers. 

It starts here:

Landscape Design & Consultation

Annual Turf Program:

The foundation for building a beautiful lawn

Round 1

Early spring application: Feb 15th-April 15th

Fertilizer with pre-emergent weed control

Round 2

Late spring application: April 1st-May 15th

Post emergent broadleaf weed control with grassy weed control

Round 3

Early summer application: May 1st-June 15th

Fertilizer w/pre-emergent, spot spraying of active broadleaf weeds

Round 4

Summer application: June 15th-July 20th

Fertilizer w/ grub control, spot spraying of active broadleaf weeds

Round 5 

Fall application: August 20th-October 20th

High nitrogen fertilizer, spot spraying as needed

Round 6

Winterizer application: Nov 1st-Dec 31st

Nitrogen based fertilizer

No sign up Fees! Prices start around $400.00 for our Annual Turf Program with pay in full discounts available.

Optional Upgrades:

Help your lawn excel even more...

A Standard Program is just that, Standard. Sometimes the bar is set a little higher. If you have loftier goals for your turf, consider some of the following:


Fall Turf Building

Starter Fertilizer Application


Core Aeration

Verticutting / Dethatching


Soil Amendments Applications



Soil Testing*

Supplemental Herbicide/Insecticide Applications

 Nutsedge / Grassy Weeds

Late Season Broadleaf Blanket Spray

Surface Insecticide Spray

Next is: Landscape Productions

We don't just talk about pretty landscapes or design landscape projects, we make them happen. Twin Creeks Landscape Group is a one stop shop when it comes to designing, installing or constructing your landscape project. Our sales and production staff seamlessly take design concepts to living-breathing-beautiful outdoor experiences.  Is it time to share your Landscape Dreams with Twin Creeks?

Click here or the image above to start talking about your Landscape Production project.

Repairing / Re-establishing Lawns:

Rejuvenating a neglected lawn

If your lawn has been neglected, sometimes it is best just to start over. From scratch. What do we mean by that? Generally, it isn't cost-effective to fight weeds at the same time as building new turf. Herbicides can neutralize recently germinated seedlings preventing them from growing. Rather than fight the weeds, a lawn can be completed burned off using a non-selective herbicide. Once the lawn is burned off, a variety of new grass seed can be planted without the competition of weeds. Fall is generally the best time to rebuild or establish a new lawn. Most properties don't require such an extreme measure. However, at a minimum, we recommend aerating and overseeding a lawn on an annual basis. Aerating and overseeding is a perfect supplement to Round 5 of our Turf Program.  

Beyond the Turf:

Tree and Shrub Applications

Asian Beetles, Bagworms, molds and wilts. These are just a few examples of challenges your trees and shrubs may face over the course of a season. Twin Creeks Landscape Group has a host of Tree & Shrub applications available to promote the health of your plantings. 

If you like strong, full and hearty trees ask about Deep Root Feeding services. Deep Root Feeding services start around $96.00.

Turf Management Service Area

Each service we offer has a specific service area we extend those services to.  

Below is the service area for our Turf Management Specialists. If you are in the service area below reach out and let's get your property on the route.

Turf Management Service Area Twin Creeks


"I have seen Josh grow his company from a one-man operation to a thriving business with a very successful, and very talented, landscaping division. I would trust them to do any job and know the work will be top-notch with a price that is fair."

Smithville Resident

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