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Landscape Productions

The Twin Creeks Landscape Group has grown to become one of the premier landscape firms in the Kansas City area. We're able to provide you with a great experience every step of the way. Even before the project begins we're here to provide inspiration and share some of the beauty that a landscape project can bring to your property. Once you're ready to commit to a project, Twin Creeks has in house landscape designers ready to meet and walk alongside you to create a functional, one-of-a-kind Landscape Design. From there, our Landscape Project Managers and Installation Crews can turn that plan into action. Once your dream landscape project has become a tangible, living, breathing, extension of your home our Landscape Maintenance Crews can provide the ongoing care and detail your landscape deserves. Why go with another landscape company when Twin Creeks Landscape Groups can serve you from start to finish and beyond?

Twin Creeks loves hearing your goals, putting those ideas into a plan, executing on that plan and being able to enjoy the project alongside you season after season. While the sky is the limit to what can be done when in terms of a Landscape Productions Project, we enjoy helping customers with all sizes of projects and landscape needs.

It starts here:

Landscape Design & Consultation

It Starts Here:

Landscape Design & Consultation

New projects need vision. Vision helps provide clarity to ensure your project is a success.


If you have questions about what could be done for your property, a landscape consultation with one of our in-house landscape designers or project managers is a great next step. Landscape Consultation services start at $60.00/hr for an onsite meeting at your property. 

If you have ideas but need to get those ideas together in a way that can bring your project to life, a custom Landscape Design by the Twin Creeks Landscape Group may be your next step. We offer a variety of landscape design packages depending on the scope of your project. Custom Landscape Designs Packages start at $120.00. This amount may be credited back to you if you hire our team for the installation of it. 

If you're still dreaming and looking for ideas, but aren't ready to commit to a Landscape Design or Consultation... browse around our site for a bit. We regularly feature materials, projects in progress and completed landscape projects on our blog, Landscape Gallery, and

Twin Creeks TV pages. 

Followed By:

Landscape Installation & Production Begins

Once a Landscape Design is in hand, our Landscape Production Crews have the clarity to perform your project successfully.  

As the ball gets rolling, a Landscape Manager will be present and actively engaged with your site to help with managing and completing your landscape project.


Good communication allows for site challenges that come up during the installation phase of project to be minimized. This also builds trust and allows for a customer to make tweaks to a plan as progress is under way. There have been countless times that a customer requests an additional landscape bed, privacy plantings, or for us to address a drainage issues as a project unfolds. Our flexibility allows us to turn those opportunities into wins. 

Next is: Landscape Productions

We don't just talk about pretty landscapes or design landscape projects, we make them happen. Twin Creeks Landscape Group is a one stop shop when it comes to designing, installing or constructing your landscape project. Our sales and production staff seamlessly take design concepts to living-breathing-beautiful outdoor experiences.  Is it time to share your Landscape Dreams with Twin Creeks?

Click here or the image above to start talking about your Landscape Production project.

Leading To:

Landscape Installation & Production Completion*

It's hard to use the word "completion" when describing this stage of a landscape project. Landscapes are living and breathing. They evolve. Really, what Twin Creeks Landscape Group does is "set your landscape in motion."

As you begin enjoying and utilizing your outdoor space, you'll notice the finer details of the craftsmanship our landscape crews produce. Maybe this is found by how a brick paver is cut so that it fits perfectly alongside the border of your patio. Maybe it's found in the spacing of a planting so that the plant won't be crowded out and can thrive.


Regardless, Twin Creeks Landscape Group enjoys creating spaces that you can celebrate with your loved ones, neighbors and more. 

Followed by: Landscape Maintenance

21_seasonal color planting along walkway

As it Evolves:

Landscape Maintenance

Continued care for your property is what makes it "pop" year after year. Landscape Maintenance will help provide a healthy environment for plants and trees, fresh mulch, and keep those weeds to a minimum. 

Twin Creeks Landscape Group offers Spring Landscape Cleanups, Fall Landscape Cleanups, and ongoing or routine landscape maintenance all season long to provide your landscape with the detailed care it deserves.

Whether we installed your landscape or it was installed by another company, the Twin Creeks Landscape Group is here to help. 

Monthly Landscape Maintenance Services start around $60.00/visit 

If you're still in the early stages of dreaming about your project, we'd still love to hear from you. We offer discounts on Landscape Design and Landscape Consultation services during non peak times of the year. Planning a project through the winter months might help keep your project on budget and allow for the time to create a custom landscape plan tailored for your property. Check out our eBooklet if your still in the process of finding inspiration and ideas. 

Landscape Productions Service Area

Each service we offer has a specific service area we operate in here at Twin Creeks Landscape Group. 

Below is the service area for our Landscape Production crews. 

If you are in the service area below reach out and let's get your landscape project started.

Landscape Productions Service Area Twin


"I have seen Josh grow his company from a one-man operation to a thriving business with a very successful, and very talented, landscaping division. I would trust them to do any job and know the work will be top-notch with a price that is fair."

Smithville Resident

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