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Welcome to the Twin Creeks Landscape Group Project Galleries 

Here, we'd like to showcase the vision and beauty that our Landscape Designers can dream up. We also want to highlight the level of detail and craftsmanship that our Landscape Production Crews complete a project with. It is these things that take a well planned and well-executed landscape or hardscape project and turn them into a legacy piece for your property.


We've featured a few past projects and separated them out by size or similar scope to help bring insight and understanding as to what differentiates a big job from a small or medium-sized project. We've also mentioned price points for various projects as we want to help you establish a reasonable budget for your landscape project. Not only do we want to inspire you and help generate ideas, we want to help educate you about the landscape process and what it really takes for that dream project to become a reality.


Scroll through our Landscape Galleries and check out the Landscape Production service page for possible next steps. Also, the team does a great job capturing the day in day out while in the field. If you want to see the current project(s) we're working on check out our Instastory by clicking here and following us on Instagram @TwinCreeksKC

Let's cut to the chase... a larger job is just that-it's BIG. Not only are these jobs larger in magnitude, they require more material, take more time and ultimately require a bigger budget. These projects take SERIOUS planning and often require permits and engineers to sign off on construction details. Don't worry, Twin Creeks Landscape Project Managers can handle these items too. For pricing think $15,000 and up. While a few of these showcased projects were in the 6 figure range, most are going to be $25,000 to $40,000 or $60,000 to $80,000.

Thinking about a landscape bed around your entire house? Maybe you need a retaining wall or small patio and fire pit with a few plantings. Mid size projects are more in line with the price you might pay for your kids first car. Maybe it's a $5,000 vehicle you got for a deal or maybe you went all out and bought a couple year old trade in for $15,000. After all you want them to be safe and not stranded on the side of the road. Mid sized projects are impressive and bring value to a property. Often their price point is reasonable enough that it can be captured on the resale side if you might be thinking about moving in five years or less.

Don't be underestimated by the word "small." Lots of good things come in little packages. Some are even adorable, like giggles of a toddler. Small projects could be a drainage feature to manage a wet area, an extra landscape bed to create privacy, even some retaining walls don't take much more than a day or two to install. Spring landscape maintenance work can also be a small project depending on how many plantings and how much mulch your property might require. A safe price range for a small job is going to be $1,500 to $5,000.


"I have seen Josh grow his company from a one-man operation to a thriving business with a very successful, and very talented, landscaping division. I would trust them to do any job and know the work will be top-notch with a price that is fair."

Smithville Resident

We set out to create a resource that would provide a narrative of who we are as a company, what type of work we do, what materials we use and what could be for you and your property. We're excited to share the eBooklet 2020 with you. We hope it brings clarity for you as a you dream about landscaping. We hope it generates ideas. We hope it inspires. Take a look, we'd love to hear what you think. 

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