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Crabgrass Pre-emergent

Twin Creeks applying Crabgrass Herbicide and Fertilizer

An annual Turf Program wouldn't be complete without one or two rounds of crabgrass pre-emergent.

Why? Crabgrass is a annual grassy weed that can be found in even the healthiest and well cared for lawns.

Seeds from crabgrass actively begin growing in the late winter and through the spring months. The early stages of growth occur below the surface, out of sight. As the roots grow down and temperatures increase triggering spring's arrival, crabgrass begins to "emerge." As it breaks through the soil and extends upright it can often resemble the desired species of turf grass. However, it is a nasty foe that can choke out good grass.

Pre-emergent Herbicides work to create a vapor barrier that helps suppress or prevent the crabgrass from emerging in the first place.

Now... why would a second application be needed?

Herbicides have limitations to how long they can be effective. This is referred to as residual. How long a herbicide is effective can change based on the activity that occurs in a lawn.

-Heavy Rains

-Over Watering



-Hard raking

-Pet digging


-Open bare areas that are not seeded...

In general, pre-emergents have a 6-8 week residual. However, crabgass can germinate at nearly any point throughout the growing season(when the grass is growing and people are mowing). This is why a second application is performed as part of our annual turf management program.

Round 1 of the Twin Creeks Turf Management Program is a Crabgrass Pre-emergent Herbicide with fertilizer. We begin performing this application in late February and early March.

This application does not need any water and is pet safe.

Click here to schedule a Round 1 application for your property. Be sure to ask about our pre-pay and referral discounts!


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