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How to get rid of dandelions

(Weed free lawn managed by Twin Creeks Landscape Group)

Now that lawns are starting to come of out dormancy, so are those unwanted yellow flowers - Dandelions.

Just today I had a long time customer call and ask if Round 1(a crabgrass pre-emergent) did anything to kill dandelions. The customer went on to say, "Man, they are thick," and "it's like they just popped up overnight!"

I sensed his enthusiasm and knew he was eager to have us out to spray. Beings that he had pre-paid for the turf program, he was already on the route for Round 2... but we haven't started Round 2 just yet.

Why? Dandelions are growing. We've seen them, customers are reporting them... why wouldn't we be spraying?

Well, unlike Round 1, Round 2 is a "Post Emergent" Herbicide. Post-emergents work to target and control weeds AFTER they have began to grow above the surface. We are just beginning to see growth. However, now that soil temperatures have triggered their growth, we will begin servicing properties on the Turf Route and administering Round 2.

Essentially, with post emergents, we need to SEE the target weeds and having a larger surface to hit with the liquid product that is sprayed increasing the effectiveness of the application. Timing plays a critical role to managing lawns and timing an application too early would be wasteful.

With Round 2 being a spray applications there are challenges that we encounter as a result of high wind speeds. It can be a beautiful clear sky, sunny day... but if wind speeds are too high, our hands are tied and we cannot perform blanket spray applications. But, rest assured, there is plenty of time in which the sweet spot for temperatures are present and those pretty yellow flowers are some of the easiest to control.

If you're looking to have dandelion, clover, or other broadleaf weeds controlled... we'd love to help. Click below to get a quote for applications tailored to your lawn's needs.


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