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Lawn Maintenance

Twin Creeks Lawn Mowing Services

Twin Creeks takes delight in providing some of the finest mowing services in Platte City. Whether it's a crisp edge separating the turf from a sidewalk or drive edge, a cleanly swept back patio following a visit, or sharp-straight lines from the pass of a professional mower mowing... We love making lawns look beautiful!

Sure, mowing the yard, cutting the grass, trimming... theses things can be a chore. But having a dependable company to regularly provide lawn maintenance services that make your lawn look like Kaufman stadium or the prized golf course fairway is something to be celebrated!

Twin Creeks offers Lawn Maintenance Services for customers with properties in Platte City and the immediately surrounding areas comprised of subdivisions like Seven Bridges, Lakes of Oakmont, Brookfield, Running Horse, Hills of Oakmont, Copper Ridge, New Bedford Falls, Timber Creek, Timber Creek Meadows, Timber Park, and Windmill Creek.

In general, the gorgeous properties we service are mowed, trimmed, edged and mechanically swept on a weekly basis during the growing season. As the temperatures increase during the hot part of the year, the frequency is scaled back to accommodate the slower growth.

If you're looking for a little higher level of professionalism when it comes to your lawn care needs, Twin Creek's can make it happen.

Pricing starts around $50-60 per visit and space is very limited on our routes.

While there are tons of companies or individuals that offer mowing services at discounted rates compared to ours, we're confident in the level of quality and professionalism you'll received all season long as a Twin Creek's Lawn Maintenance Customer.


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